SUP World Series

Check out ‘Positively Kai Lenny – Episode 16’ SUP video. It showcases perfectly where the sport of SUP is going in terms of wave discipline and race boards, promoting fitness. Kai, a young protégé of Robby Naish, conquers the Race World Series for 2012. And like many these days, is not an exclusive rider of any one discipline – a true waterman – windsurfer, kiter, SUP’er and surfer.

He demonstrates just how SUP is developing much like Windsurfing before it, into categories of Wave and Race … But we’ve yet to see Freestyle!

The speed of the race boards is impressive, and what stands out to me is their range and total flexibility of movement within the seascape – no more trying to get up wind.  Check the riders’ ability to surf waves back into the beach.

‘Race’ is definitely a board I want to add to my quiver!

  • Mike

    Hi Nick

    Just been reading your bit about paddle boards and you wanting to get into a race board. A few other guys and myself often do down winders in the winter I think you would love it. Give me a call and say hi we can get you involved.


    07788 219692

  • Nick

    Hi Mike, where do you guys go from? I’ve only got a 11’2″ Blend for distance at the moment (I’ve done the surf route getting smaller and smaller). Defintely up for a down winder though.