WAVE8 SUP Boards

Local, Torbay start-up, SUP retailer WAVE8 is hoping to have their new line of SUPs with accessories ready to order by Christmas. Here are some exciting pics, leaked from the factory floor, North Pole.

IMG_2772 IMG_2774 IMG_2771

The boards are 10’6″ x 30 x 4.5, weighing 11 kg. They are constructed from EPS core with a wooden stringer, covered by 2 layers of 6oz fibreglass and epoxy. These are designed to be all round boards for the flat as well as waves.
   WAVE8’s aim is to offer a complete support package to their customers, including adjustable carbon paddles, board bags, eva decks and a leash (all you need to get started). They also intend to provide (where required) a getting to know your WAVE8 SUP board by offering a Saturday morning free learning session.


All enquiries to Richard, at rcm@wave8.co.uk

Torbay Surfing wishes them all the best and can’t wait to see the boards in the waves. :)