Olympic Torch 2012 passes through Torbay

Second day of the Olympic Torch Relay arrives at Torbay, Devon.  This is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity to see!

New site in the works

Torbay Surfing is slowly being updated to an easier to use system.  Please stay tuned as we continue to migrate old content.  Unfortunately some content cannot be migrated, however we shall now attempt to upgrade the site with new posts more frequently!

Some of the new features include; new twitter integration to replace the old ‘Session’s box’ Tweet with twitter.com and use #torbaysurfing for your messages to appear on the new Torbay Surfing front page. – Handy if you want to post sessions or meet ups.

Brand new gallery system – I am in the process of migrating all the old pics and galleries.

Brand new comments system (Disqus.com) – no more site registration required.  Simply post your content using existing social media accounts.